Do you want to understand important nutritional principles which will allow you to make decisions for yourself, removing codependency – improving empowerment and your relationship with food?

If you are … you must know, I won’t write you a generic meal plan.. instead I’ll calculate your macronutrients, I’ll teach you how to track this on your own, I’ll teach to watch the data, you’ll learn nutritional tools for social events and learn strategies for fat loss or muscle building protocols. You’ll be the boss of your own nutrition, and have me personally overseeing everything to make sure you’re staying on track – of course always here for questions along the way.

You need to find a training or exercise plan which fits your lifestyle as well as supporting your goal. I personalise all plans, meeting you where you’re at, around injury, available equipment and space and preferences. Updating your program every 4 weeks to ensure you keep progressing.

I’m only interested in long-term solutions.

I’m not here to teach you a quick fix method. There’s no cookie cutter programs here, I personalise everything, this takes time, conversation, skill and care. I actually give a damn about my clients. If we’re the right fit, if you actually want change and are ready for it… add your details below.

I don’t just accept anyone. This is a personalised service, we form relationships and create the future you want.

I’ll be in your back pocket cheering for ya.. let’s make it happen!

These services are available world wide.