I’m Phoebe, and I’ve been in the fitness industry for over 9 years. I was face-to-face Personal Training for 6 years and begun operating online 2 years ago. I’ve ran successful bootcamps and spoken at seminars. I enjoy being a point of difference in the industry. I’m not here for the fads, the bullshit, the sales and the pain points to make a quick dollar…

I’ve been hurt by the industry too, and because of this I’m here to help women navigate this confusing space.. to help them see through the myths to simplify their actions to move them to a space that fits within their lifestyle.

My interests in the human body begun back in university – studying Visual Arts (I specialised in glass blowing.. yep, weird huh) I sought inspiration from organs, the skin, our bodies systems.

This lead me to gaining my massage qualification in 2012.

Which propelled me into competing in my first bodybuilding show in 2013.

I won my first show – and after that, I was hooked!

I’ve competed in WNBF, IFBB, WFF, NABBA and the WBFF.

I won my Pro Card as a Professional Fitness Competitor in 2019 for the WBFF at the Gold Coast PRO/AM show.

Everyone has the potential to get amazing results. But they need to have the right plan and the right mindset to do that. The right coach is going assist them on this journey. We all need someone who believes in us from time-to-time. And that’s what I build with my clients.

It’s not just about providing nutrition coaching and a training program to my clients.. we take a fine tooth comb through their lifestyle, habits, their belief systems and values. I give each person the right tools they need to take the next step, completely individualising their plans and approaches.

I must to consider commitments, their passions, jobs, family life, stress levels, eating habits and psychology, belief systems and body image perceptions… This all needs to be taken into consideration to generate the right plan for the right person.

My main goal as a coach is not only to help people to believe in their ability to change their physical body, but to mentally acknowledge that they can achieve anything they set their mind too.

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