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You literally have me in your back pocket. I’m here to answer any questions you have along the way, to guide you and to offer individualised suggestions each week required towards your goal. You have personal access to me.

12 Weeks of progressive Training Programming, scheduled into calculated phases. Customised completely to you, your goals, needs, equipment and space availabilities, injuries and limitations. All programs contain instructional videos for each exercise so you’ll know exactly what you’re supposed to be doing and how to set up the exercise.

Even if you’re a beginner, you just need to follow the videos and listen for instructions.

You record the weights you lift in the App and includes a stop watch to ensure you stay on target with your rest periods.

You are encouraged to send Phoebe your exercise videos to gain technical support and guidance with your training.

You receive a complete Macronutrient breakdown that is periodised around your goal over 12 weeks, taking into account your past and current nutrition behaviour. This does not include meal plans, but these can be included for an additional cost.

WHY? This doesn’t teach you anything. You are here for me to teach you how to eat, rather than what to eat! The focus is on nutritional education so you can understand and manipulate the foods to your tastes and likes within your calorie and macro target.

You’ll have access to the private App for 12 weeks, which contains your training program, your training progressions, rest timers, load tracking and tracks your personal bests.

This is the platform to upload check ins including Progress Photos, Body Weight, Measurements and logs your My Fitness Pal as this links within the App. 

Weekly Check-ins are completed via a Biofeedback form which includes photos and measurements, this increases accountability to the plan. You will be scheduled to receive your check ins on a prescribed day and have access to a 15 minutes accountability call fortnightly.

You have access to WhatsApp for private support and messages during the week. These may be responded to within a 48 hour period or responded to at your accountability call/check in. No messages will be responded to on Sundays. You have access to a Facebook Community forum where you are encouraged to interact and share within the group. Help to inspire others and share your journey. Help the community out by being you – you never know who you will light up!

Training video feedback is encouraged as this helps Phoebe see what needs adjusting based on what footage you send through, this ensures you’re getting the most from your program and are safe.

This feedback is sent via WhatsApp.

You receive the Flexible Nutrition E-Book, Supplementation Guide, Cardio prescriptions and step targets, Macronutrient Cheat Sheet, Goals + Targets sheet, Lifestyle guidance and support.


Step 1:  Coaching explained, Pre Screening + Questionnaire sent (Pre Consult)

Step 2:  Introduction Consult via Zoom (30-45 minutes) Additional cost of $80AUD for the time spent to meet and communicate the strategy and plan in place.

Step 3: Strategy Created and Coaching Begins (At date set)

Step 4: Coaching Process – Ongoing

Exit Strategy – Reverse diet protocols prescribed = result sustained



The intro consultation and audit of your history and status is the most important step of our coaching process together.

It involves a detailed analysis of your training, nutrition, lifestyle, health and mindset and indicates to us your strengths and weaknesses.

It also allows me to better estimate the time frame it may take to achieve your goal.

I will never promise a quick fix but I will give you an honest, detailed and professional evaluation of where you’re currently at and the processes you’ll need to undertake to reach your desired outcome..

It’s also important that you are comfortable with the strategies outlined and you understand why the strategies are recommended.

The coach – client relationship is based on trust and is a crucial factor.

Please note, this is a one off cost and won’t be required in the future. The consult is completed via Zoom and scheduled for 30-45 minutes.

If you’re happy to proceed with coaching after the consultation, the next step would be to complete the payment then all of your strategy will be issued.

If not, I hope the intro consult provided you some answers and served as a valuable mentoring session to aid your health and fitness journey.

Please note, it is highly common for me to issue clients with a 5-14 day diet break immediately after the consult. This is to ensure you’re optimally prepared to diet and mentally ready.

12 weeks is the initial minimum period after the intro consultation. 12 weeks provides enough time for sufficient physiological and psychological changes to occur so as to achieve a great result.

There are certain physiological norms which allows me to predict potential rates of fat loss or weight gain. However, the reality is most results take much longer than 12 weeks, especially if you require significant change.

This is especially the case due to the advanced nutritional strategies I use with most clients.

This includes regular strategic increases in calories (diet breaks and refeeds) which optimise the process and makes it easier psychologically and physiologically to adhere to.

The downside of this more advanced and evidence based strategy, is that it temporarily pauses a dieting phase.

How to build your dream body without giving up your favourite food