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Alyssa Campbell

Who would you recommend Phoebe to:
EVERYONE! I never saw myself as someone with a “coach” because I thought they were just for the really serious gym goers. Now I realise the ability a coach has with beginners. Phoebe can fit you with the tools you need in yourself to succeed and that’s really beautiful!
My main outcome with phoebe was getting myself back to the gym, learning self-reflective behaviour and how to be present within myself. These are skills I now am equipped with every day!
I LOVE Phoebe’s passion for what she does with, fitness, health, wellbeing and how she loves herself! Phoebe has a presence about herself that makes you feel comfortable no matter how tough the situation is!
Phoebe taught me what it felt like to be confident in myself at the gym. She has taught me the power of having a plan and the fulfilment of working with an uplifting routine. In particular, Phoebe helped me learn more about myself through meditation and reflective thinking which is something I now carry every day.

Christinabel C

Phoebe has started me on such a good path of meditation, self-progression, journaling and being active again
I learned how to look into the deeper processes of my mind and debunk the thoughts that are holding me back from where I want to be. 
Phoebe is a genuine, passionate, caring, superwoman! I was drawn to phoebe because of the power she has within her own mind. Phoebe has taught me how to use self reflection to realise my own potential. She is always welcoming to questions and queries and has guided me in becoming confident again in the gym! I couldn’t recommend Phoebe highly enough. 
My goals were to expand my knowledge regarding vegetarian food/nutrition and getting my head around concepts such as macros! I also wanted to feel better and confident about myself in my clothes – wanting to develop a ‘fit’ and healthy, lean (ish!) physique that I could somewhat maintain… Also wanted to tackle issues I had such as strong food guilt. ALL WERE ACHIEVED WITHIN 12 WEEKS.
What I learnt through working with Phoebe is, that carbs AREN’T bad. How to use My Fitness Pal comfortably. The importance of routine/rituals that work for me.
I approached Phoebe for online coaching after reaching a personal point where I needed to do something positive for myself, both physically and mentally. I had the best intentions for myself, but really struggled with lack of knowledge and lack of self-confidence. I was so scared of the idea of tracking what I ate and knowing what macros are, but Phoebe gently coached me into understanding these concepts and showing me how powerful this knowledge was. This was one of my initial goals as I wanted to understand the value of the food I was eating. As a vegetarian, Phoebe created meal plans for me that would nourish my body with what it needed. As someone who isn’t very good in the kitchen and likes meals to be quick, simple and tasty, Phoebe made sure that the recipes she sent me were perfect for me in this regard. If you are feeling stuck and want to do something GREAT for yourself with someone who genuinely has your best interest, is always on call and gives the greatest guidance and support, I can not recommend doing a coaching block with Phoebe enough.

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